About Us

STRACTEGIA is a centre for Risk Assessment and Strategic Action based in Madrid. It provides services for public and private companies and organisations.

STRACTEGIA uses a three-pronged approach that guarantees success:

– Accurate Assessment;
– Strategic Awareness;
– Targeted Response.

The diversity of talents and expertise present in STRACTEGIA allow us to offer a wide range of services that are focused on our clients’ real needs. Our extended network of skilled professionals, including qualified and renowned experts based both in and outside Spain, is crucial for accurate advice, tailored strategies and sustainable efficiency.

Our mission is clear: we want to help our clients better understand the nature of the challenges that they are facing and how they can address them successfully. We believe that achieving these goals requires:

– An accurate understanding of societies, institutions, media and their rooted habits;
– An awareness of the current strategic challenges and their outcomes;
– The development of tailored tools and methodologies in order to ensure a successful and adequate response to these challenges.

STRACTEGIA is the path for benefiting from our recipe for success: Strategy, Action and Influence.