There is no doubt that Spain has a vibrant and dynamic business community. Although the impact of the financial and economic crises can still be felt and seen in the country, the Spanish market remains full of promising opportunities. Spanish businessmen and economic stakeholders are willing to invest abroad, while foreign representations to Spain are also keen on looking for similar opportunities in the country.

Nevertheless, a successful business approach also requires using an adequate language. This is especially true in situations where interlocutors come from different cultures and/or speak a different language. STRACTEGIA puts its assets and its experience at the service of Spanish and non-Spanish individuals and entities who are willing to consider and/or undertake mutual business endeavours. Our pool of contacts, our intercultural and multilingual skills as well as the wide range of relevant integrated activities we cover make us a privileged actor for fine-tuning our clients’ business strategy, networking and other needs. The nature of our activities, skills and our excellent knowledge of the Spanish context and business culture allow us to provide:

An accurate identification of the tools and the concepts needed to approach market opportunities within Spain;
– The development of a customized action plan incorporating adequate and accurate terminology, enabling our clients to benefit from a successful method of approach towards business opportunities;
– When needed, a constant follow-up on the business plan and actions of our clients to allow them to maintain a growing investment strategy.

STRACTEGIA is composed of a multilingual and multicultural team with diverse expertise and skill sets. Our working languages are: English, Spanish, Arabic and French.