STRACTEGIA has an extended network of researchers with expertise in strategic current issues, including current political, economic and social dynamics. We deliver our clients tailored analysis of a wide range of strategic issues, including the most complex matters. This enables us to provide strategic advice based on an assessment of challenges and opportunities, and the identification of trends and how to accurately anticipate, and/or react, to them accordingly. Our main areas of research expertise focus on: Geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Spain’s contemporary perspectives.

Geopolitics of the MENA región

The world is full of growing intertwined and complex challenges. These pose additional difficulties when sorting out what is relevant from what is less important. At STRACTEGIA, we offer our clients a quality service brought by our pool of renowned experts. Depending on the topics and specific issues at stake, we provide an in-depth analysis based on the following:

Strategic overview, key challenges and identification of the main risks in the MENA region;
Key actors, structural realities and decisive variables for the MENA region;
Future trends that have to be taken into consideration and how to anticipate their consequences accordingly.

Spain’s perspectives and challenges

Our geographic location and experience acquired over the last years places us in a privileged position for understanding Spain’s context and thus enabling us to give answers to specific clients’ needs in relation to the country’s situation and challenges.

The fact that we are based in Spain, closely following the country’s perspectives and evolutions, coupled with our network of contacts at the political, economic, social and media levels put us in a privileged position when assessing the following:

Spain’s political situation: state of play, influential stakeholders, real decision-makers, core political and security challenges and likely outcomes;
Economic prospects: micro and macroeconomic realities, future trends, foreseeable and likely risks and repercussions on Spain and its economic and business actors;
Social situation: surveys, monitoring of social and popular trends and in-depth analysis of social and societal realities, likely outcomes, as well as how to react to and/or anticipate them.